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Mold Testing

MOLD is one of those 4 letter words no one likes to hear!

Did you know? 5 fun FACTS about household mold

  • Mold inside your home is normal (Low levels)
  • Mold can be found in every home and is common outdoors
  • Effected areas less than 10×10 or 100 square feet can be corrected nonprofessionally and doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars on professional remediation
  • Bleach DOES NOT kill or clean mold
  • Liquid tide is the best product to clean mold, Peroxide is number 2** Cleaning after the source of mold has been corrected

MOLD is scary and absolutely can be dangerous in living areas if levels are elevated and match your specific sensitivities! Many times, during a Home Inspection our home Inspectors do find Mold and identify the cause or source. Our field Inspectors find lack of airflow or lack of HVAC in finished areas often will stagnate air and can cause surface molds in basements and closets. Leaks or outside water entering the home can also create elevated moisture levels which over time will create mold and mildew. When our inspection team finds such sources, they will be identified and our team of inspectors can determine if mold is present by collecting samples and determine if the levels are elevated. Trademark only collects data and send to a certified lab. Once the lab sends the confidential report back our trained inspectors will go over the report with the client and discuss the findings.

** Trademark Home Inspection Co. uses EMSL lab in Atlanta for all direct sample and air quality samples

Sample lab report click HERE

To learn more about Mold we recommend visiting the CDC website for nonbiased information regarding MOLD

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